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We are PlayX Game Studios

PlayX Game Studios comprises a team of developers & designers, who’re focused on producing a rich user-centric gaming experience.

We tackle game development on various fronts and take pride in the work that we contribute to the gaming industry as a whole. As our name suggests, we’re a group of gaming enthusiasts who’re dedicated to making a mark in the gaming industry as a unit and a one-stop game development solution.

We work with a vision of creating more than just a game, our aim is to work closely with like-minded people to create gaming experiences that serve their purpose.

About Us

We’re a team of passionate people who are driven by the love of games and the joy that they bring to people of all ages. We learn, research, improvise, implement different technologies that enable us to drive value across our entire product line. We have a culture of enablement then extends from our newest internee to our oldest executive. Our unique approach to building a cohesive business and workplace culture has enabled us to achieve low employee churn rates and increase our workforce by a factor of 5 in less than 4 years. Today we have a dynamic team of around 50 individuals across the globe.


To never stop aspiring the future beyond THE NEXT: becoming a beacon for the fore generations in the technological premise with novelty, distinction, industry astuteness, research advancement, and incredibility in progress by launching opportunities for internal and external stakeholders.



To cater to our clients with a prodigious product line in building, sustaining, and expanding them while catering to our global userbase. We do not only intend to bring out the seamless game design, level design, monetization, and much more; but a set of trends for our competitors to guide them on the same.

Game publishing & development

PlayX Game Studios has a team of Product and Project Managers, Data Analysts, and Marketing Executives who publish games based on their potential of being the next best hit in the mobile gaming space. Our dedicated development office builds our products and products for international clients.

Creative Game Art & Design

From innovative concept designs to fully optimized in-game assets – We’re dedicated to making your project look as good as it plays. Our game artists use creative software packages, used by industry veterans, to design both 2D & 3D game art assets.

Company Culture

PlayX Game Studios started out as a tightly knitted team of dedicated individuals who wanted to excel in the mobile gaming space. 5 years later; our core team still remains; guiding executive decisions and operations. We’re proud to have mentored developers and artists of our local industry who have moved on to other companies. Our Alumni are looked upon as the best in the Industry.

We offer a wide array of services in Game Publishsing and Development, aimed at simplifying your life

Creative Game Design

Our game artists use creative software packages, used by industry veterans, to design both 2D & 3D game art assets.

Immersive Game Development

Whether its integrating SDKs, developing Ai, introducing innovative game play mechanics, social media integration, multiplayer features or implementing a complex in-game ecosystem – we’ll help you build a game that we all can be proud of.

Powerful Tools

We’re well equipped with tools needed to bring all of your gaming ideas to life.

Innovative Art Concepts

From innovative concept designs to fully optimized in game assets

Our Work

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

Chief Executive Officer - Owner

M. Ahmed

M. Ahmed

Chief Operation Officer - Co Owner

Khalil Ahmed

An effective work culture that flows with creativity is our secret

Technologies we use

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